Fresh berries all year round

Agronom Berries

Our farm is located in eastern Poland, undoubtedly one of the ecologically cleanest regions in Europe. We are currently one of the largest producers of berries in our country. We have been dealing with this activity since 1993, so we have many years of experience in this field. We often participate in conferences and symposia organized around the world, thanks to which we constantly introduce new production technologies that increase the competitiveness of our products.

The fruit produced in our farm is Global Gap certified. Depending on the species and customer requirements, the fruit is collected in unit packages of various capacity. They can be plastic or cardboard.

Logistic and cooling facilities allow us to very quickly cool and pack the fruit, which guarantees their long post-harvest durability, thanks to which they can be shipped to the farthest corners without losing their value.

All this, combined with the great passion and commitment we put into our work, guarantees the highest quality fruit.

Fresh berries all year round

You can find our fruits in the best stores and supermarkets in Poland and Europe

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